As majority of businesses gain their revenue from local customers, importance of local search has been grown constantly over periods. Google had published a survey in 2010 that location related searches make up over 20% in desktop users and about 40% in mobile users. Optimizing your website for local search will be slight difficult, but if you overtake this your local competitors will go away from your traffic on daily basis. Before start working for local search optimization, get familiar with some key players that deal with local searches.

Local Search Techniques:

Benefits of Local Search Optimization:

Zuan DM Consultants are specialists in local SEO services providing wide range of local internet and social media marketing services. We are offering this service for all size businesses in order to grab potential customers for your physical business. We have over 10 years of experience in local SEO services and have a team of skilled professionals who have lots of tricks to make the clients website reach the top of the search engine in an ethical manner. Most of local SEO service practices have evolved over time and have proven successful records from the last decade.

Some of the methodologies that are used in Google local business SEO services are competitor analysis, keyword research and analysis; Meta tags optimization, content optimization, local map listing, link building services and more. No matter about your budget as we offer affordable services. Make use of our services to have targeted reach, pay only for results, local and regional targeting, greater control and more.


Promote your business in several places to gain potential customers

Make your presence felt online in social media and search engines to increase your reach

Appear in top searches to gain more visibility

Internet marketing strategies which provide guaranteed results

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