Press Release also known as news release, video release, media release, press statement etc which is a written or recorded form of communication that is intended to be shared to the media personnel. Press Release comes under the PR – Public Relations of any company. The concept of Press Release has changed drastically from time to time.

Marketable, money-oriented Press Release delivery services, like the news wire services, or gratis website services do exist, building news delivery more reasonable and an echelon playing turf for smaller businesses.

The obvious aim of Press Release is to attract attention of press and gather customer by that means. In earlier days, Press Release are sent as email, snail mail etc. Even in these days, those methods do exist but however more sophisticated methods are also available currently. Whatever may be the method you are adopting there are few things which you must concentrate upon. They are,

Lead Paragraph:

The lead paragraph is the one that gets major views and it must be made apt. If you mess up with the lead paragraph then the full Press Release goes waste. Press Release is not about hype or grand things; it's all about reality and originality. Try to post whatever is original. Make your lead paragraph unique. By this way you can get more attention.

Remaining Sections:

Try to quote unique quotations or excerpts of an interview in the remaining sections. This doesn't mean that you always need an interview. It just means that you are going to make your Press Release as attractive and unique as possible. The remaining sections should make the press personnel to read it with interest. The content should be educative as well as entertaining.


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