What is a Multi Home Page URL or Canonical URL?

The every SEO webmaster must know the multi home page URLs that means canonicalization. It is very important for SEO, I want to talk a little bit about canonicalization or multi home page URLs, www vs. non-www, redirects, etc. so that we're all on the same page.

Multi home page URL or Canonicalization is the process of selecting the best URL when there are several choices, and it usually refers to home pages. For example, most people would consider these the same URLs:


But technically all of these URLs are different. A web server could return completely different content for all the URLs above. When Google "multi home page or canonicalization" a URL, we try to select the URL that seems like the best representative from that set.

Suppose you want your default URL to be http://www.zuanseo.com/. You can make your web server so that if someone requests http://zuanseo.com/, it does a 301 (permanent) redirect to http://www.zuanseo.com/. That helps Google know which URL you prefer to be canonical. Adding a 301 redirect can be an especially good idea if your site changes often.

The Ways To Analyze Your Back links

Webmasters recognize the importance of back linking, one of the most difficult tasks is analyzing the effectiveness of the back links you have created.

These tools points out that whilst there is no one complete tool that will give us the perfect analysis we are looking for, using a combination of tools that are freely available on the Web will take us a long way when we look at the combined results.

The best 5 back link analysis tools are:


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